Friday, May 28, 2010

I love a good challenge...

My good friend, Marianne, at Diary of a Fickle White Woman challenged me to publicly accept an award she left me on her blog and of course I couldn't turn down a good challenge.

I'll admit that I totally suck when it comes to the whole awards thing. I've received many and while I'm eternally grateful and appreciative, I feel badly about having to pick and choose who to pass the awards on to.

And then I feel like if I don't follow the rules of the award by not passing it on, I'll seem thankless and selfish.

But you know when Marianne called me out and practically DARED me to participate...well, I couldn't say no.

Well, that and she has a soft place in my heart...especially since we both share an obsession with Keith Morrison that may even border a little on the creepy side. I mean, it's not like we have a Facebook fan page for him or anything but we both do enjoy his devilish commentary during his crime reports on Dateline way more than the average person.

When you get a free, right after you leave me a comment (because you were going to comment, weren't you? Shout out to the lurkers...), do yourself a huge favor and go visit her blog! While you're over there, add yourself to her follower list and leave her a comment!

She's gracious, adorable, passionate and has a wicked sense of humor! Girlfriend can write,'s one of the reasons why I love her!

So thank you, Marianne, for sending me this awesome award! I'm totally diggin the panda bear, by the way.

Along with the award came these questions...

1) Why do you blog?

Well, I suppose I should say it's because I want to document my children's milestones and other happy memories. And, really, that IS one of the main reasons.

However, since I began blogging 3 years ago, I've discovered that writing is a passion of's something I truly enjoy. I love tapping into that creative side that I never knew existed.

Plus, I have to admit, it's a wonderful outlet for venting. Lord knows Tim doesn't want to hear me moan and groan any more than he's required to per our marital contract.

2. What was your favorite age to be and why?

I'd have to say the ages of 18-22, the college years, were the best for me. I was finally living away from home and learning about life in the real world.

I loved the freedom I had...I remember one night my roommates and I were up late and we all had early classes the next morning and we were like, "Hey we don't have to go to bed if we don't want to...NO ONE can tell us what to do!!"

It was a wonderful realization!

3. What's your favorite sport to play?

Uh, yeah....see, I don't play sports. I've never been a die-hard sports fan. I was more the girl you saw on the sidelines that no one ever wanted on their team.

I wasn't even a cheerleader, for God's sake...though I did date a guy on the football team for 3 years while in high school. As if that counts?

4. What's your favorite sport to watch, and who's your favorite team?

My favorite sport to watch is WWF: Twin Mania. I'd love to pick a favorite team but that would just be plain wrong.

As a parent, I hear it's pretty shameful to have a favorite.

5. If you could pick your perfect career (and money doesn't matter / the kids are out of the house) what would it be?

Definitely something to do with writing...whether it be writing a book or freelancing for various magazines. I would love nothing more than to wake up in the morning, settle down at the kitchen table with my laptop and spend the day in my jammies, while doing something I absolutely adore.

And while pouring my creative juices out into the form of a blog post or a chapter is fulfilling, what I love the most is connecting with an audience...knowing that something I wrote from my heart touched someone in a way that made their day a little more enjoyable.

6. Do you ever feel guilty for blogging?

It really depends on the circumstances.

Sometimes, I'll get the kids involved in an activity and then sneak away to do some blogging...and while I'm writing about something funny or interesting that they did, I worry that I might be missing out on creating yet another wonderful memory with them.

But then there are times where I have to remind myself that I deserve to take some time for ME, doing something I enjoy. That's when I tell myself, "Self, blog your little heart out. You have done your job today and you've done it well".

And by job, I mean...none of the kids have gotten lost while out in public, Tim hasn't rolled his eyes at me more than 3 times in 1 hour and I haven't begged him to cart me off to the nut house.

7. What is your favorite holiday?

It would be a huge tie between all the fall holidays...Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the FUN and the spirit of it all.

The one thing I'm really looking forward to is when the kids are all adults with families of their own...having huge Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings.

Both Tim and I come from small families with no extended family nearby so holidays were always a little bit dreary for both of us growing up.

So the thought of having a full house on both holidays in the future makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

With that said, I fully understand that, with having 4 children, the chances of spending every single holiday together is slim but I'll go wherever I have to go to be with my kids and their families on special holidays.

8. What's your favorite kind of music?

I love anything from the 70's, 80's and 90's. I'm not really into country, except for maybe a few songs here and there.

I like to think it's impressive that I still know all the words to "Baby Got Back", "Bust a Move" and almost every Will Smith, Bell Biv Devoe and LL Cool J song ever made. A little "Poison" or "I Need Love", anyone?

9. Do you consider yourself a good driver or bad driver?

I can't even remember the last time I got a ticket so, just based on that, I'd have to say I'm a pretty good driver.

Oh, and then there's also the fact that the kids practically beg me to take the wheel instead of Tim when we go on long drives. That's a pretty good indicator, as well.

10. What's the farthest away place you have visited?

Hmmm, probably Hawaii. I've been there only twice but it's easily a place I could visit more often.

Someday, I'd love to visit Greece and Australia...a girl can dream, right?

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Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

Congrats on publicly accepting your award! LOL!

Lee said...

gone for a couple of months and you are accepting awards...what has the world of blogging come to!!

The Mother said...

While I have no doubt you are an excellent driver when you are alone, there is no such thing as an excellent driver when she has four kids in the car. Unless they're all asleep.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

congrats on your award!

I love how you said "wicked sense of humour" - I love that too.

P.S. I saw a link to your belly in the Link Within - wow, that was impressive :)

Brooke said...

lol @ your favorite sport. ps - its called WWE now. probably since the twins have been alive ;)

and my parents totally have favorites.

Marianne said...

YAY!!!! YOU DID IT!!!! And your answers were great!

I can't believe you never had a passion for writing prior to this blog. You're such a natural and follow so many journalistic rules that if I didn't know better, I would have thought your degree was in journalism. I'm glad you found your niche, because, well, duh, then we never would have been connected (and we all know there aren't a lot of KM lovers-haters out there so that would have been a pity) and because I know how many doors it's opened up for you, and that is a wonderful thing!

If you ever want to get into freelancing for real, let me know, I did some in college through a class. No articles ended up being published but I can give you some tips.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the kind words about me and my writing :) You have a special place in my heart, too (you were my first follower, after all) and I love our 'chats'!

So glad I dared you!

Have a great weekend!! And yes, (insert Indiana hick accent) the pander bear is cute, ain't it!

Erin said...

helene, you are awesome! i just voted for you again, by the way. can you tell me how to make something that stays up at the top of my blog to tell about the voting? I'm sure it's complicated, so no worries.

I love reading all about you! and WWF Twin Mania??? HILARIOUS! and I don't love country music either.

I also love that you weren't a cheerleader (I tried out but didn't make it) and no one wanted you on their team. I am such a klutz and was generally one of the last to be chosen during PE/sports things...oh, the humiliation!

thanks again for the shout out, you are wonderful and I really appreciate it!

Creative Junkie said...

I'm not surprised you've received many awards, Helene - I love your writing and your wit!

And I'm like you ... I don't play sports. Sweat and I don't get along.

Twins Squared said...

Oh I want to go to Hawaii so bad! STILL have not been there. We originally thought we'd go for our 10-yr anniversary. Well, that was last year and let's just say we were a little busy.

I LOVED my college years too. Best time EVER! And Mike and I were singing (or trying to sing) Bust A Move just this weekend to our kids! It was pretty hilarious, and yes that is an AWESOME song. :)

I like most what you said about looking forward to big family gatherings. You know, I don't think about that too much, I guess because I'm too involved in the here and the now, but I totally look forward to that too. We're making a big investment now but we will be SO rewarded in our golden years!

The Boob Nazi said...

You just reminded me how excited I am for Thanksgiving this year.

Jenny said...

Congrats on your award!

Megan said...

Look at you and your ballsy attitude about stepping up to the award plate. I always say thanks to people, but then never post about them. I don't pick favorites very well!

katie said...

You are such a fantastic writer & such a hip mom... Baby got Back? Dang! You are cool. Umm...PLEASE write a book. I'd like to reserve a copy now (unless I've already written that...which I might have in a previous comment--that's how much I love your writing!!!)

Natalie said...

Congrats on your award! The reason I like these so much is because you get to learn so many random things about people!

Charlene said...

That's one of the reasons I don't like doing awards too (some of them are really cute though and I've recently caved and did add some). I hate passing them on, it's hard choosing people to send them too.

I don't do sports either. I watch the kids play and haven't a clue what they are doing most of the time LOL!

Congrats on accepting your award, well deserved!

Nancy said...

Congrats on the award.

If you ever get to go to Greece, I highly recommend it! It was one of my most favorite vacation pre-kids.

Tropical Mum said...

I have signed up with Parents Connect JUST so I could vote for you. That's how much I love your blog. Good Luck!

I never knew that you found your passion of writing through your blog. I don't aspire to be a writer, but I really didn't have a clue how great it would be until I did that very first post less than nine months ago!


Jovial Jess said...

I also never thought I would enjoy writing until I tried it! My downfall is English/writing were never my strong points! But I'm having so much fun who cares if I remember I before E except after c, right!?! Maybe you can also publically prove that you know all the words to baby got back in a video blog?! haha!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

You are a fantastic writer. What type of book would you like to write? Fiction or nonfiction? Whichever, you should just do it!

I like that you're looking forward to you're kids being grown and getting the families together for the holidays. If I had kids, I would look forward to that too. Our holidays are very quiet with just my husband and me.

FranticMommy said...

So with you on #1. Funny story. My blog just turned TWO! Whoot! I read somewhere that two is really like TWENTY in Blog Years. So for you it;s more like 30! Anyway, I went back..way back to those early days when my blog was a baby. I read the stories...and WOW, I was pretty green back then. Then I read the comments and there YOU were! Cool! So THANKS for supporting me "back then" and stop back by for a peek of me two years later. Thanks!

parentingBYdummies said...

I am the most worstest award receiver EVER! Congrats on yours and on following through with it. Maybe I;ll do that one day too!

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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