Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Interview with the Experts: Answers to YOUR Questions

First off, let me just say how excited Cole and Bella were when they heard how many questions came in from you all for their Interview with the Experts series.  Like uber excitement...such a boost to their little egos, which weren't exactly suffering in the first place.

Next thing I know they'll be asking for designer clothes for the red carpet....

The experts were only able to answer half of the questions so we'll do this in two parts, with the next part being posted next week.

1)  What is the best thing you get to do with Mommy that you wish you could do all the time - Angel at Angel Believes

Bella:  Is that really what she wants to know?
Me:  Yes
Bella:  Is her name really Angel or do they just call her that because she's an angel?
Me:  Both
Bella:  Can you start calling me Angel?
Me:  No
Bella:  Well, it didn't hurt to ask.
Cole:  Let me answer the question already!  I like to play the Wii with my mom and I wish we could do it every minute of the day!
Bella:  I'd like to play tennis with Mommy all the time, if I could.  Even though we never really play it.

2)  What is your favorite thing about your Mom - Shell at Things I Can't Say

Cole:  Um, I just love her so much and I like when she plays the Wii with me.
Bella:  You already said that when you answered the first question!
Cole:  So...I can answer how ever I want!
Bella:  I like when she plays tennis with me and when we decorate the Christmas tree.
Cole:  Me, too.  I love decorating the tree.
Bella:  Copycat!
Cole:  Whatever. 

3) What do you think it's like to be an only child - Big Sis at Speaking of Witch

Cole:  Oh, that's a hard question.  It would be nice because it would always be quiet.
Bella:  Uh, I think it would be good.  Very quiet and very good.  Very very good.

4) If you were President of the United States and could pass any laws you wanted to, what laws would you make - Karen at Right Where We Belong
Cole:  I got two new laws.  Wait, what's a law?
Me:  It's basically a rule that everyone has to follow or they get in trouble.  Like the speed limit...you have to obey the law or you get a ticket.
Cole:  Oh, got it.  My laws would be that everyone had to eat candy at every meal and only go to school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  And decorate a Christmas tree every day.
Bella:  No eating candy because it's not healthy.  No drinking juice either because it's only a little healthy but not a lot.
Me:  Yeah, but Bella, what would your laws be?
Bella:  I wouldn't make any new ones because I like the earth just the way it is.

5) What are Santa's all time favorite cookies - Ms. Bibi at The Queen of Average
What kind of cookies do you make for Santa - Denise at Together We Save

Cole:  Decorated sugar cookies with sprinkles and frosting, I think.  I usually make him cookies shaped like a stocking.  With his initials on it.  S.C. for Santa Claus.
Bella:  Chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies because he can never decide.  Next time, ask what MY favorite cookies are, okay?

6) What's the most fun about having a twin - Eva at Wrestling with Retirement

Cole:  Well, my twin plays Wii games with me and even games that are funner than the Wii.  We share a room and we're always together.  But I don't like always being with her.  We're in different classes this year which is really cool because it's like I don't have a twin.
Bella:  I don't have anything fun.  Wait, I guess I should come up with something...that would be the nice thing to do.  It's mostly bad but I guess playing Wii and trying not to ignore each other and eating and getting dressed together.

7)  How many times a day do you poop - MiMi at Living in France

Cole:  Um, once a day and I even pee every day too but more than once
Bella:  I thought I said NO questions about poop!! 
Me:  Maybe she was just super curious and couldn't resist asking.
Bella:  Okay, if she really needs to know...I poop a lot every day.  But I still have a hard time wiping my butt because I get those dingleberries...
Me:  Enough...now I know why you didn't want to talk about poop.
Bella:  Yeah, it's kinda gross, huh?
Me:  Yeah, pretty much.

8)  Why don't you like eating vegetables? Is there a secret in getting you to eat them - Kimberly at All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something-Something

Cole:  Actually, I like vegetables because they're healthy and my mom tells me to eat them.  And if you eat junk then you'll get sick.  Vegetables taste really good when you dip them into ranch dressing.
Me:  But what about the law you want to pass about eating candy at every meal?
Cole:  Come on, Mom, that's probably never gonna happen though so everyone should just keep eating their vegetables.
Bella:  I like vegetables...corn with butter, little corns without butter, zucchini, eggplant, sweet potatoes and broccoli.  The secret is to tell the kids that it'll make them smart if they eat lots of vegetables.  Broccoli will make them fart so don't serve it to them before they go to school.

Kimberly also wants to know what's up with Justin Bieber's hair...

Bella:  We don't even know what a Justin Beaver is...
Cole:  What is he?  What kind of hair does he got?
Me:   Justin BIEBER, not Beaver.  He's a famous singer...you know, the dude whose hair brushed forward into his face?
Cole:  oh yeah I know who he is.  He just likes it to cover his right eye.
Bella:  No, it doesn't.  It covers his cheeks.
Cole:  Whatever, you think you know everything
Bella:  Cuz I do.  Next question.

9)  How do I get my kids to do more chores around the house - The Mother at The Mother's Handbook

Bella:  Is her name really The Mother?  She makes her kids call her that?  The Mother?
Me:  No, she doesn't make her kids call her that.  Or maybe she does.  See, her kids are older than you guys and they probably respect her way more than you guys respect me.
Bella:  We respect you.  Sometimes.  But usually not.
Me:  Well, I sure appreciate your honesty.
Bella:  Thank you.  You said to never lie.
Cole:  My answer is to make your kids get better at doing chores, print the chores out with a famous character on it so they'll be happy and then they'll end up thanking you for letting them do chores.  And they'll probably give you a kiss too. 
Bella:  Yelling always works.  Or you can print a chore chart out with decorations...whatever you want to do.

10)  What are you getting your Mama for Christmas - Rebecca at Unexplained X 2

Cole:  Oooooh, I totally got this one.  I'm gonna make her a leaf pocket.  You get a leaf and poke the stem through the middle of the leaf and then it's a pocket.  If you make a tight one, it'll look like a bird.
Bella:  I'm going to get my mom some more jammies and clothes.  She has good style but she just needs a lot more clothes.  And definitely jammies because she wears the same ones all the time.
Cole:  And she'll be pretty if she gets more jammies with her favorite decoration on it.  Probably a star.
Bella:  Wait a minute, is this our cousin Rebecca?  How does she know we have a blog?
Me:  Okay, first of all, it's MY blog not OUR blog.  Secondly, it's not your cousin Rebecca.  This is another Rebecca and she has boy/girl twins too.
Bella:  How come all your friends have twins?
Me:  Not all my friends have twins.  What are you talking about?
Bella:  Never mind.

11)  Where do babies come from - Tina at Big Cute Beach Girl

Bella:  Oh, that's an easy question.  Is it a grown up who asked this?
Me:  Yes
Bella:  Does she have kids?
Me:  Yes
Bella:  And she doesn't know where babies come from?!
Me:  Well, maybe she's curious if YOU know where babies come from...
Bella:   Hmmmm, kinda like a test...I got it.
Cole:  If you get married, moms grow babies in a little bubble in their tummy and then the lady or the man at the hospital will cut the mom's belly open and take the baby out and leave it in a special place for a few weeks. 
Bella:  Um, babies come from a mom's belly and they do something to their belly to take the baby out, how ever many are in there...and then they all go home.
Me:  How ever many are in there?
Bella:  Like you had 2 babies at a time.  But some people have more than that or they can have only 1.  It's really up to them.

12)  What do you want santa claus to bring you - The View from a Saddle

Cole: Oh, this is a good question.  That's what I'm talking about.  I want him to bring me a Mario set with the Olympic games, a robot, a Raving Rabbid game...
Bella:  And a picture of Rudolph?
Cole:  No, this is my turn.  Be quiet.  And a X-Box and my own tv for just me and no one else and a statue of a character from Mario....
Bella:   Okay, that's enough stuff.  It's my turn now.  First I want something special and I really want it.  It's a guitar and I'm 6 years old. 
Cole:  I want a guitar too.
Bella:  You're such a copycat.  I want some more stuff but I can't think of anything right now.  I'll get back to her.

13)  Where does the tooth fairy keep all the teeth she collects - Amy W at Great Cakes Soapworks

Bella:  Awww, Amy.  I love Amy.
Me:  You don't even know her.
Bella:  Well, I like the name Amy.
Cole:  The tooth fairy collects the teeth and makes them into a tower on her desk.  Once she's done with her tower, she just makes another one.  When she's all done, she moves it to the...um, actually she shows it to the other fairies and then the people are so happy because they lost their teeth and helped her. 
Bella:  She comes to our house and takes our teeth.  And then she probably puts them in an envelote and writes our name down...
Me:  Wait...an envelote?  You mean, envelope?
Bella:  No, I mean envelote...this is my story, not yours.  She just keeps them in her room and tries them on in her mouth or maybe just puts them on her dresser.  If she has a bedroom.
Cole:  And if you give her a picture, she'll send a picture back or she'll write you a thank you note and hang it on her fridge or on her desk.  I'm not sure if she has a fridge because fairies don't eat.

14)  Have you ever received a present that you hated - Blueviolet at A Nut in a Nutshell

Cole:  If I saw a present that I hated, I would be mad and disappointed at Santa because he knows what he's supposed to give me.
Me:  Gosh, Cole...ungrateful much?
Cole:  Uh, yeah.
Me:  You know, Santa giveth and he can take awayeth.
Cole:  Huh?   That makes no sense.
Bella:  I love every present I get.  And I'm not just saying that because the elves are watching me right now.

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Stephanie Faris said...

This was so fun! I think it's cute that kids always seem to like grown-ups best when we're doing what THEY want to do. Interesting how that works!

Eva Gallant said...

Helene, your kids are so precious! I loved this. What a great interview with the experts!

Crossed Fingers said...

hahaha - this is awesome. I can almost picture the two of them answering these questions too.

MiMi said...

She was afraid of the poop question and she totally threw DINGLEBERRIES out there!!! I love her even more!
And that she has to pretend not to ignore her twin. LOL!!!
They are adorable!

wonderchris said...

I love that Bella loves Amy. That was too cute.

Great job, Cole & Bella!!! Looking forward to Part 2!!

Heather said...

They are hilarious - as always:)

Nezzy said...

Oh girl this was just wonderfully adorable. I don't know where or how I missed the post to ask questions. Your little 'experts' are always very cute and right on the money!!!

Ya'll have an awesomely blessed day sweetie!!!

Kristina P. said...

You have the funniest kid posts. I love the first question banter.

singedwingangel said...

Roflmbo this was hilarious.. and I love Bella as a name by the way. Tell her that Angel said I think her name is way prettier then mine. AHHH @ the dingleberries.. OH I would have a blast with your babies.. if ya ever need a sitter lol I miss these kinds of conversations with my kids.

Dysfunctional Mom said...

OMG, I'm dying! Envelote is my favorite. I can't wait till Part 2!

Rebecca said...

I'm just glad they consider us friends! Hope you get your star pajamas and not a leaf pocket (whatever that is)!!

Amy W said...

Cracks. me. up. Had to read this out loud to my hubby! He was cracking up too!

The Experts at their best! Tell Bella I love her too. :)

Tropical Mum said...

Read this over my lunch break and almost choked on my food. This was hilarious! Bella is a real card...dingleberries!

If I don't catch up you before Chrissy, have a wonderful break.

Take care,

Shelly x

Jenny said...

Your kids crack me up. I was LOL about Cole saying the "lady or the man at the hospital will cut the mom's belly open and take the baby out and leave it in a special place for a few weeks."

A few weeks! LOL!

ashley said...

Your kids are one of the many reasons I can't wait to have kids. They are stinkin adorable-- all the time. Well, what you share of them is adorable. They probably have not so adorable moments. Anyways, they're the best. The things they say are hilarious!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

They have got to keep you laughing all the time. The funny thing is that they probably have no idea how hilarious they are.

Karen Peterson said...

It kills me how funny your kids are.

"This is my story, not yours!"

Priceless! Seriously, we DO need to get together again...

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh..they are tooooo cute!!!!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I LOVE the honesty and sass - and Bella's last statement. She's got it all sussed, doesn't she?

the cuteness seriously kills me!

Aimee said...

OMG I didn't just LOL I snorted while doing it! Hysterical!

Heather said...

They are SO funny! They certainly have answers to everything, don't they?!

Kimberly said...

I am dying laughing. You must have at least one break down of sheer giddy laughter at least once a day with them. Gah...too hilarious!

Ms Bibi said...

Your kids crack me up every time.

I sure hope Cole's three day school week won't become reality anytime soon,lol.
I am sorry, Bella....what is YOUR favorite cookie?

Shell said...

Ha! I love the threat of the elves watching them...what are we going to do when Christmas is over???

Jill said...

too cute! I like the law one. having the earth just the way it is....priceless!! :D

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Your kids are as funny as you. Great read!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Your kids came up with some really funny answers! I think they have a right to call this "our" blog though, especially since they provide such good blog material for you. What would it be without them?

I love the idea of a 3-day work week--I hope when Cole is President one day, he won't just think of the kids but give us adults the extra days off too!

The Mother said...

Ah, the good old days when putting a Ninja Turtle on a chore chart made them "happy" to do the chores!

Boy, do you have a romanticized version of how much teens respect their mothers--or did you just say that to worm its way into their pea brains for future reference?

Tiffany said...

They are completely adorable!

debi9kids said...

OMGOSH! The Tooth Fairy q&a was hysterical! LOL

Anonymous said...

my question was the best and so worth it.....i love your babies.

Cindy said...

Bella and Cole ROCK!!!! These are such wonderful answers. Your kids have such personality. I can't wait for part 2.

Erin said...

Oh how I love these interviews, I totally need to do this!

Justin Beaver, eh? LMAO! and don't feed your kids broccoli before school b/c it'll make them fart? HAHAHHAHAHHAHA

great job cole & bella!

shortmama said...

Those experts are the funniest kids ever!

Sharlene said...

BEST. Interview with the Experts. Ever!


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