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SafetyTat Review and Giveaway....

Three years ago, we were enjoying an outing at a crowded amusement park...until a frantic mother's high-pitched scream pierced the air.

"My baby girl...has anyone seen my baby girl?  Oh My God, I can't find her!  Can someone please help me?" she cried.

My first instinct was to account for all four of my children.  Then, along with several other parents, I ran over to her and we all asked for a description of her daughter.

By now, security was involved and sending the little girl's description over their walkie-talkies and securing all entrances and exits.

The mother was having difficulty describing her daughter, too shaken up to recall in detail what clothing her daughter had worn that day.

She kept repeating, "She's only 2 years old!  I turned around for only a few seconds and she was gone.  Please find her!"

Thankfully, the little girl was found wandering near the bathrooms only a few feet away from where we were but the incident continued to haunt me.  Suddenly, the reality of how quickly and easily a child can disappear right from your side struck fear and panic in my heart.

From that point forward, any time we went to a crowded public place, I'd write my cell phone number on their small arms, and take a picture of all of them with my cell phone so I'd have a picture handy, showing exactly how they looked that day in case, God forbid, they got separated from us.

All of that was great, except the marker always seemed to wash off or get blurred as sunscreen got reapplied throughout the day.   There seemed to be no perfect solution, as far as I knew.

And then I stumbled upon SafetyTat's site!  I was so excited about these children's tattoos that I actually contacted them and asked if they'd allow me to do a review (and a giveaway!), in which they were happy to participate.

I chose to review the Quick Stick Write-On SafetyTats, mainly because I liked the option of being able to write in either mine or Tim's cell phone numbers.


Here's how the people at SafetyTat describe this product:

Requires no water to apply. Quick Stick Write-on! Child ID Tattoo is a peel-n-stick skin applique.

Made with our proprietary tattoo material, Tateck®, this ultra-durable skin safe applique "tattoo" sticker issweatproof/waterproof and will last an extra long time -- up to two weeks -- until you are ready to remove it. The Quick Stick Write-On! requires no water to apply. Simply peel and stick -- "Quick Stick!" Perfect for traveling with children, theme parks, school field trips, drop-off birthday parties and play dates, sporting events, scout trips and extracurricular activities.

These skin applique tattoos are shipped BLANK, so you can write your information on them with the included waterproof tattoo marking pen.


In addition to the Quick-Stick Write-On SafetyTats, there are also other products to choose from.  Some include the Original SafetyTats, Halloween SafetyTats, SafetyTat QR (scannable using a smart phone) and Tat Kisses.

I loved that we didn't need water to apply the Quick-Stick Tattoos.  Just simply peel the backing off the tattoo and hold it securely in place for a few seconds and...bam...you're all set!   Then use the pen included in the package to write your phone number.

I put them on my kids one day when we went to a fairly crowded amusement park and they LOVED their tattoos and wore them proudly (except one refused to be photographed but such is life).   The tattoos stayed put and intact through several water rides and a couple rubdowns of sunscreen.

As a parent, I felt a sense of security, knowing the tattoos would stay in place and were easily noticeable.  Of course, I never let my guard up the entire day but just knowing each child wore a SafetyTat definitely eased my mind.

You can purchase your own SafetyTats by visiting their site at http://www.safetytat.com/.



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*  I received a complimentary package of SafetyTats for the purpose of this review.  This review is based on my honest opinion of the product, as well as my personal experience.

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Jenny Lincoln said...

It's like you knew I was planning a trip to Disney World with my two year old and starting to totally freak out about losing her! Perfect timing! :) I like the princess quick write ones! Super cute!
How painful was the removal?

Jenny Lincoln said...

Tweeted! Jenmarielincoln :)

Jenny Lincoln said...

Following SafetyTat on Twitter. Jenmarielincoln :)

Jenny Lincoln said...

Following on Facebook... and starting to feel like a complete blog stalker- I've never commented more than once on anyones post. LOL.

Jenny Lincoln said...

And last, but not least, I am an official follower. :)

Eva Gallant said...

I think the safety tats are the best. what a great idea. I would give these to my kids for my grandkids!

Eva Gallant said...

I follow you on blogger!

Lisa said...

I love the quick stick variety pack. I'm a follower, I liked on FB (LO are my initials).

Amanda said...

I like the Princess write-on Tats!

Amanda said...

I liked safety tats on facebook (AB)

Amanda said...

I tweeted

Jen said...

What a really, really cool product.

Stephanie P said...

Such a neat idea - My daughter would love the princess ones!

Rhiannon said...

oh my what a great idea, never heard of these before! my son would totally dig the dino ones

Jennifer said...

Oh, I like this product! My son is always wandering around now that he's not strapped in his stroller ("I a BIG boy mommy! I walk myself!") and I always have a freak attack when I can't find him in a millisecond!

Now, I'm entering! I'm already a GFC follower, I've tweeted this post, and the product I like is the Quick Stick Write-On! Super 12 Pack Boy/Girl (I wish they had a two line option on this one!)

Donna said...

I like safety tats on fb
Donna Marie

Donna said...

My favorite is the pirate tattoo ones. My son would love those.

Donna said...

I follow on twitter

Donna said...

I follow via GFC

Donna said...


Samantha said...

That's pretty cool...genius if you ask me :)

Undernehr said...

I follow you on blogger! :)

Undernehr said...

Wow those are such a great idea! I like the gender neutral Quick Stick Write-On ones

Cindy said...

I have seen these before and they are a fabulous idea. I am a wanderer - I get separated from my pack all the time. It started when I was a little kid and to this day, my husband says he wants to buy a leash for me. 2 of my 3 daughters inherited this awful trait. I love the Dog/Flower original tat. Something for every kid.

Mama2Monkeys said...

the boys love the pirate tattoos! they're both being pirates for halloween, also we follow on facebook R.T.

Heather said...

These are so neat, I'd never seen them before. I liked the combo quick stick ones, such a great idea when traveling.

Zia Joaquin said...

We only had to use one the entire trip and the info written on the tattoo didn't fade. The tattoo lasted 6 days in Disney parks, swimming, and didn't wash off bathing. It removed easily..actually peeled off like a sticker once we were ready to remove it after the trip.

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