Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's just your friendly neighborhood Superheroes...

You may or may not be aware that a few days prior to Halloween, Batman and his trusty sidekick, Robin, spend some time canvassing various neighborhoods to ensure that it's safe for all the little (and big) trick-or-treaters.


Uh...the Batmobile was in the shop this week so they had no choice but to ride their scooters.  Plus, it makes them seem more friendly and approachable...don't you agree?


Almost immediately, they stumbled upon a pile of litter carelessly strewed upon the grass and colorful graffiti left behind by a law-unabiding citizen, which made our Superheroes rather sad.

Batman&Robin4 Batman&Robin6

Batman and Robin were determined to find the hoodlums responsible for destroying their beautiful community...but one of the Superheroes hadn't finished his breakfast that morning and lacked the strength he needed to pry open the metal bars of the gate.


Not one to be easily distracted by miniscule oversights, Robin told Batman to take a chill pill and just enter the security code, which would allow them access to the law breakers who dared to dirty up their streets.


But, alas, not even Robin could figure out the darn code so they both shrugged their shoulders and said, "Let's just go home and ask Mommy to make us some lunch."

What?!  Superheroes need to eat 3 meals a day, too, you know!

A few evenings later, on Halloween, Batman and Robin hung out with the Girl Robin, a Bakugan dragon, Toad and Luigi...chowing down some tasty pizza and talking about all the delicious candy they would collect in a mere couple of hours (that is, if the bad guys could stay hidden long enough to let our little Superheroes enjoy some holiday fun).


When their mother noticed they had not been wearing their famous masks to hide their faces, they shouted, "Aw, come on, Mommy....we're too cute to hide our faces."

And, really, how could she argue with that?  Even if Robin had "borrowed" Captain America's shield, confusing several onlookers.


"Whew!" the boy known as Batman exclaimed the very next day, as he and his sidekick rummaged through their gobs of sticky sweet treats.  "Look at all this candy...."


It took them most of the afternoon to sort through their yummy snacks.

And when their mother asked, "Hey, who's fighting crime while you're sitting here with all this candy?"

They answered her confidently, "The Justice League guys....DUH!"

I guess even the cutest of Superheroes can be little smart asses.

Happily Mother After


Eva Gallant said...

What a cute crew, and what a lot of loot!!!!

Jenny said...

Too cute! They got a ton of candy!

Lauren said...

So cute!!! I'd love it if you would link up to this week's party (Oh Snap!shots of the week) at Happily Mother After. We are showing off costumes!

irishtwinsmommababybook said...

Love your writing style!!! And loved all of their costumes!!!!_

HoneyDame said...

LMAO...Your whole family is sooo refreshing!

Karen and Gerard said...

WOW, that is a big haul of candy! Looks like they will be on a sugar high until Christmas at least. We were just the opposite with out costume picture, we wanted to keep our masks on.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

So cute! Yay candy!

I was actually looking through clearance costumes in hopes of finding Batman and Robin for next year. Alas, I could only find Batman, and he's just no fun without Robin ;-)

D said...

Cute costumes and very impressive ammount of candy!

Heather said...

Wow! And I thought we had tons of candy! They are too cute!

Samantha said...

They were all cute! I'm glad we didn't get that much head would've spun off. I've been resisting the Halloween bucket all week. I've done a good job too. Only got into it last night, and that was to eat a piece of dark chocolate :)

Seriously though, HUGE Mario I'm loving it all :) Batman & Robin are pretty cute themselves though!

Lisa said...

Love it!! You got some great candy. We sadly got zero butterfingers. :(

Nezzy said...

How very safe ya must feel to have your neighborhood patrolled by the sweet toothed, sugared up Dynamic Duel and their mighty adorable gang.

Loved your 'take' on the powerful lives of your Trick~or~Treaters!!! Cracked me up. :o)

You have a beautifully blessed weekend sweetie!!!

Brad Jenkins said...

How did they decide who was Batman and who was Robin? I love the sequence of pics detailing the day!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Y'all scored big time! And it's all good stuff (that being chocolate, of course!).
Love this post. They're all so cute. And by cute I mean fierce and intimidating.

Brooke said...

so there wasn't a fight over who got to be batman and who had to be the sidekick? what a haul of loot!!

Rhiannon said...

they are so darn cute! and holy crap thats a lot of candy!

Karen Peterson said...

Such an adorable...uh...I mean tough and heroic group of Superheroes!

Zeemaid said...

Great photo story! I can't believe how much candy they got.

KSK said...

Holy Crap! They cleaned up!!! That is way more candy than we ever got!!!
I love your crime-fighting children! :)

Cascia Talbert said...

What a cute story! I can tell that they had a lot of fun on Halloween.

Barbara said...

Oh my...check out all that candy!!

Shell said...

Such cute superheroes!

My oldest just said "Hey! They got more candy than us!" LOL

Charlene said...

Love the costumes...another bunch of superheros - must have been popular this year =)

Sela Toki said...

Looks like they had so much fun. So cute.

I figure that if the children are alive when my husband gets home at the end of the day, I've done my job.

----Roseanne Barr

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