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Let's talk books, shall we?

Since writing this post about grieving over a fictional character and seeing how many of you share my passion for books, I thought I'd give you the low down on some of my favorite books from the last month or two.

150 Pounds: A Novel of Waists and Measures (Kate Rockland)

This book was recommended by an online book club I'm a part of.  I loved the book so much I read it in TWO days!

It's the story of two popular bloggers (one fat, one skinny) and their desire to help others be more comfortable in their own bodies.

Shoshana, author of Fat and Fabulous, is friendly, outgoing and the type of person everyone loves.  Alexis, author of Skinny Chick, is a self-proclaimed bitch who is judgmental and lacking in friends.

They cross paths when they're both guests on Oprah discussing their views on weight.

The story is a little predictable but I still enjoyed it.  Definitely one of my favorites and a book I think most people, especially those who struggle with weight, will find likable.

Breaking the Silence (Diane Chamberlain)

I recently discovered this author and LOVE her!  Her books are always filled with twists and turns, so completely unexpected that I find myself thinking about the characters even when I'm not reading the book.

This story is about a semi-famous astronomer, Laura, whose father's dying wish is for her to look after an elderly woman whom she knows nothing about and has never even heard her name until now.

She feels compelled to honor her father's wishes but this simple act causes her life to completely unravel...her husband commits suicide and her young daughter, who witnesses his death, stops speaking.

While Laura deals with her grief, she must find a way to help her daughter and also continue to search for reasons on why her father was so insistent that she visit the elderly woman.

I guarantee this is a good read!!  You won't be able to put it down!  And the ending is so unexpected you will be flabbergasted!!

Home Front (Kristin Hannah)

This is another new-to-me author whom I absolutely love!  She's the one who wrote the book Night Road, which inspired the above blog post I mentioned.

This story is about a couple, Jolene and Michael, whose 12-year marriage is disintegrating right before their eyes and they can't seem to find a way to fix things.

Right in the midst of a breaking point, Jolene is deployed to Iraq to fight in the war and she has to leave her husband and their two young daughters.

Her best friend of 20 years goes alongside her to Iraq, as she is also a soldier.

While she is away, Jolene refuses to let her family worry about her as she describes life in Iraq in her e-mails to them as if she's on vacation.  But, on the inside, the war is changing her for the worst.

Tragedy strikes and she and Michael must face the consequences and find a way to move forward.

This is a must read, in my opinion!  I had a hard time putting it down!

It wasn't so much filled with unexpected twists and turns as it was more about the emotions and wanting so badly for each of these characters to fight harder to save their marriage and keep their family intact.

The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes (Diane Chamberlain)

Yes, another book by Diane Chamberlain but I'm telling you all, she is an amazing author!!

This is another intriguing page-turner that will keep you wanting more.    I seriously asked Tim to get the kids McDonald's one night for dinner so I could finish the book.

This is the story of a young, naive girl named CeeCee Wilkes and how she falls in love with a man, Timothy, who changes the course of her life.

He and his brother convince CeeCee to help them commit a horrible crime, which suddenly goes wrong.  And CeeCee is left to clean up the pieces.  She lives out the rest of her life in fear, waiting to be found out and captured.

You will fall in love with CeeCee and find yourself reeling with emotions as you dive deeper into this book.  It's about doing the right thing, even if it means losing your entire world and everyone you love.

Okay, so now....I want to hear about the books you've read recently and couldn't put down!

And if you've read any of the books mentioned here, tell me what you thought about them!

Side note:  This is not a sponsored post or a post filled with affiliate links.  I was not compensated in any manner to promote any of these books.  I simply loved each of them and wanted to share them with my readers who also love to read. Registered & Protected


Brooke said...

taking notes here - thanks!

ashley @ ashley's adventures in alaska said...

I looooove Kristin Hannah! I haven't read her newest yet but your review makes me want to. :) I love it when people share what they've been reading and loving. Time to download some new books!

Laura said...

I just wrote down all your recommendations!

I read Night Road after your previous post and finished it in 2 days. That was one of THE BEST books I've ever read. Thank you for this list.

Kathryn said...

I read Cee Cee Wilkes, and loved it, and was wondering about the author's other books. I will definitely check these out! Thanks for the recommendations!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I haven't read any of those books - but they sound great! And I already know I love Kristin Hannah. Last night I started Still Alice and I'm really sucked into it already!

Jenny said...

This is so great! I LOVE to read but feel like it's so hard to find a good book. I just downloaded Homefront and Cee Ceek Wilkes! Thanks for this post! :)

Heather said...

Love Kristin Hannah. Night Road haunts me.

I haven't read her newest yet, but it is on my list.

I also am currently reading the Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes and I LOVE IT. First really good book I have read in a long time. So happy that her other books are good too.

Obviously we have very similar taste in books! :)

Simone said...

I really like Kristin Hannah's books. I've read all of them except her newest that you've mentioned. For other page turners, I like books by Eileen Goudge, Debbie Macomber, Barbara Delinsky and Neta Jackson. I'm a book hog and only wish I had enough book shelves in my house to collect them all.

Nezzy said...

Thanks for the wonderful review on the books. I'm always on the lookout for a great read.

BTW...I love predictable, it usually means happily ever after.

God bless and have yourself a terrific Thursday!!! Woohoo!!!

Hit 71 today..not bad since we started at 29 degrees.

I've been out playin'......

Samantha said...

I wish Bree stopped talking long enough for me to read a book :( I miss reading so much! I may pass these titles on to my Mom...she's reading a lot here lately.

SRM said...

I'm always looking for books to read so thanks! Are you on goodreads? If you are, maybe we can toss friend invites around?

Jenny said...

I'm not into fiction reading, but email me and tell me what's up with the old lady in the second book. I'm curious. LOL!

Stacy said...

Helene! I know Kate and loved her first book also (Falling is Like This). I haven't bought this one (because of budget) but am buying it or getting my hands on it very soon! I posted this blog post on her FB Wall. She taught preschool to my twins when they were 3yrs old (now 6)She is rad! Cee Cee Wilkes was a great book also, read that in a day or 2.

Karen and Gerard said...

I like Kristin Hannah and Diane Chamberlain's books too. I've read both NIGHT ROAD and THE SECRET LIFE OF CEE CEE WILKES. Another very good book by Diane is THE MIDWIFE'S CONFESSION. Here's my review of Cee Cee:

and here's my review of NIGHT ROAD:

I have HOME FRONT on my TBR!

Anonymous said...

I'm really loving Kristin Hannah. I could not put down Night Road.
I need to read 150 pounds next.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

The one that really pops out to me is Breaking the Silence, and since you mentioned two books from her, maybe I'll have to read both of them.

Megan W said...

I think I'll be adding a few of those to my Goodreads bookshelf! I really enjoy Kristin Hannah so I'm sure I'll like Diane Chamberlaine. Thanks for the suggestions!!! said...

--They all sound Fab.
I must check out Diane Chamberlaine. I've heard her name before.

Thanks Xxx

Luulyeva said...

Good luck

Sela Toki said...

Can't wait to read these books. Thanks for sharing them Helene.

Karen Peterson said...

These all sound like good reads. I'll have to check them out. One day, when I start to make a dent in the stack that never seems to end!

Barbara said...

I read Night Road in a couple of days and could not put it down. Needless to say that I will be checking out some of these other ones now.

Jayme said...

Yay I love book reviews, thanks!!!

MiMi said...

I'm so glad you loved 150 Pounds. I was afraid nobody would like it then I would feel bad.
I LOOOOOOOVE CeeCee Wilkes. One of my favorites!

MiMi said...

OMAGAH. I just saw the name of the book and the cover and thought, "Well, that looks weird," but CeeCee...even though I read the synopsis I STILL was thinking CeeCee Honeycutt! Never mind, I'm a dumbsh*t. :)

DysFUNctional Mom said...

I read CeeCee Wilkes - LOVED it!

Emmy said...

Just got Breaking the Silence-- and I clicked your link- so hopefully you get some credit :)

Angelia said...

I stumbled across this older post by accident, but I have to say I LOVED Night Road. My teenager daughter calls me Madre and it reminds me of that book every.single.time! I've read almost all of your recommendations and they were good ones. I pretty much cried through the entire story of Home Front. It was so good but so emotional!


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